Category: Common Motorcycle Problems

3 Signs You’re Not a Beginner Rider Anymore

You’ve already pulled the trigger on a beginner motorcycle, found the best roads and even taken a few road trips. The confidence level is improving, and the bike feels like an extension of yourself. But when is the right time to move from beginner to intermediate riding? Stick around to find out. Your First Bike Read More

Top 4 Motorcycles Brands in 2020

Riders are often very choosy when picking a road trip partner. Some prefer touring bikes, while others will swear by their monstrous cruisers. Either way, both riding camps get to enjoy the outdoors in a way that cage drivers will never know. Here are the top four motorcycle brands that have got the biking community Read More

Transporting Your Motorcycle

As a motorcycle owner, your greatest joy undoubtedly comes from actually riding your bike in the great outdoors. However, there may be certain occasions when you need to transport your precious vehicle and take it somewhere, without actually riding it. For example, you may need to take it to a garage for repairs. Or perhaps Read More

Air in the Brake Line

Has your brake pedal been feeling a little squishy or spongy lately? If so, chances are that air has invaded the brake line. This is a problem that pa Read More

Braking Problem

If you’re a motorcycle rider, whether seasoned or newbie, you already know how vital the braking system is. The characteristics, efficiency, and prope Read More

Planning a Motor Bike Tour

For those who are new to the excitement of motorbike touring, there is a lot that they will need to learn. In the UK and Europe there are many incredible opportunities to experience this type of traveling. To make sure it is going to be a memorable and pleasant experience, some essential priorities must be Read More

Excessive Fuel Consumption

The inherent fuel economy of a motorcycle is one of the main reasons people prefer the two wheels over cars for their everyday commute. If you’re usin Read More

Brake Fade

When you press on the brake pedal or lever, hydraulic pressure, which is sent to the brake calipers located at the wheels, is created in the braking s Read More

Brake Drag

If you’re the type that gets frustrated easily, then brake drag may raise your ire more than any other thing. The problem ruins your ride, annoys you, Read More