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A Vaper’s Motorcycle Journey

Some types of motorcycles are just made for long trips on the open road, giving you that unique sense of freedom. Weaving your way through the scenic countryside is a pleasure that can’t be beaten. But add to that the enjoyment of vaping, and you have a winning combination! You can make several stops on Read More


One may wonder what a scooter is doing on this list. Yes, scooters were initially rattletraps featuring buzzy engines, little wheels, and spotty braki Read More


What you see today as a super-specialized motorcycle machine was at one time a do-it-all machine that did not require a comprehensive buying guide. To Read More

Looking After Your Motorcycle Gear

Keeping Your Leather Kit Clean Your leather wear is part and parcel of the great biker look. – But as you probably know, it is subject to more wear and tear than everyday leather clothes, so you have to know how to look after it, to keep it looking great, and usable for many years. Read More


As a beginning rider, you may have pictured yourself cruising several city streets on a low-slung yet powerful machine. If that has been your dream, t Read More


At the other end of the cruiser spectrum, lie sportbikes. These special bikes are designed for speed, and trust me, they are not shy about it. It is l Read More


Want to ride on a bike while enjoying the comfort of a car at the same time? That is what dressers are built for. Also known as touring bikes, dresser Read More